Hello, my name is Mario. 

And this is my blog.

I've been writing on here since 2002. Work wise, I am the Chief Marketing Officer at the University of Montana, teach in the business school and am the founder of IdeaMensch. I am also the author of the books Someone Needs To and 365 which are meant to help people bring their ideas to life.  Last but not least, I am the creator of Unbelievab.ly which is a publishing experiment run in my classes. 

My twenties were spent running digital divisions for awesome ad agencies (WDCW + R2CGroup) up and down the West Coast (Montana, Seattle, LA, Portland, LA). Client experience include brands such as P&G, General Mills, Home Depot, Disney, Epson, Western Digital, Chase, Cedars Sinai and dozens more. I also did an Ironman, spent a year practicing the 4-hour work week while living in Europe, published (not wrote) a book about how to write complaint letters and drove across all lower 48-states organizing events for entrepreneurs along the way. My ideas and ventures have been featured in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, CNN, Mashable and the Westfaelischen Rundschau. Fools. 

In my free time, I fly fish, play soccer, run, farm, do triathlons, cyclocross, swim, lift, rock climb, backpack, play racquetball and go to Costco. When I start sneezing, I cannot stop. 

I own a red house, a red car and a black Vespa. My favorite color is orange.

I am originally from Germany and only have one cat. 

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