I woke up on the couch this morning, realizing that I had just turned 26. Darn, how did this happen. Another year closer to adulthood. And why am I sleeping on the couch next to a black cat named Otto on my chest. I remember birthdays of waking up in my bed next to a pretty girl rather than snorring cat. With that being said, the theme of year 27 on this planet is as follows "be older, act younger." Here's how I am going to do this:

  • Stop drinking for a little while. No more unhealthy food. With my constant business travel, there are just too many occasions, hence I am going to completely focus on my health for the next couple of months. Work out harder. I am joining a new gym, starting today. No more 24 hour Fitness factory.
  • Work less, play more. Maybe think about going on dates from time to time, since that's what some people my age tend to do.

On to another year.