This Saturday I turned 27 years old, which is quite the coup. I've lived away from home and the Hasselhoff entertainment monopoly for almost 11 years now. To celebrate Jerry and Gail came into town from Seattle on Friday, and we all went to a Blazers game at the club level. Club level = free buffet = free pizza = free hot dogs = free licorice = free ice cream = major stomach ache. We beat the Clippers and I managed to consume as many calories as the entire Blazers team burned throughout the game. Fat times. Then on Saturday, Jen threw a birthday bonko bunko party at my place. Due to my duties as an entertainer and host, I surprised Jen by actually not playing any Bonko bunko. We started talking again at right after Easter Dinner the next day. But the party was great. So, now that I am 27...what's different? Not much, but I am excited about what's to come this year. I probably won't do any more Hasselhoff gigs, but there's plenty more:
  • I am publishing a book this year, and also started working on my first book. My own book should be wrapped up by 2011.
  • I bought myself some new hiking boots and am planning to go on at least one epic trip this year.
  • Jen and I will be making our way back to Germany in September to watch my cousin get married. And maybe catch one or two or three Schalke games.
  • I've been teaching at a University for three years now, and still love it.
  • Otto should be finalizing his transition to being completely human by the end of the year. Sleeping on his side while resting his head on my pillow was a major milestone for him, which was closely followed by when he started drinking water (or mine in this case) out of glasses.
  • I want to give another college graduation speech this year. Who here can set that up? Anyone?
  • I need to give up drinking coffee and stop eating ginormous burritos for lunch. If I can achieve the latter, the former will be easy.
  • Jerry fixed my toilet, which was running continuously. I really need to get a screw driver. And Jerry ought to remodel my kitchen the next time he's in town.
Anyway, life is really really good. I'm a happy man for many reasons. Click on the picture below for some pictures from this weekend. And yes, I did get my hair cut.