I am now 29 years old.  Pretty soon I am going to have to start lying to people about my age. It's 7:30 in the morning and it's already been a great day. My 83-year old grandfather called to congratulate,  and much-needed health care reform seems to be coming to life. While there is no immediate benefit to this legislation for myself, I have always wanted my American friends to have the same type of care that I enjoyed during my childhood in Europe. It's not like health care in Germany was better necessarily (nor was it any worse) but it was always available to you, regardless of whether you were rich, poor, employed or just lost your job. When you need health care, it will be there for you now. And frankly, I don't care if it costs an extra $200 or $300 billion over the next decade. Why don't we take it out of the $322 billion dollars that we're planning to spend on F-35 fighter jets. If that's not enough, we might have to just cut down on our warfare and only fight one at a time. 3000 people died on September 11th. 45,000 Americans die every year because they don't have access to health care. This bill will save more American lives than any weapon system ever could. What a great birthday present. Enough about politics, it's my birthday. I am going to spend the rest of my twenties trying to bring to fruition that Ironman ambition of mine. Last but not least, I will change the battery of the clock in my kitchen. Then, while I am still planning to live an interesting life, I am going to try my hardest and slow down a bit. Things have been a bit blurry as of late, and it seems to make more sense to live life one thing at a time. Plus, I am really bad at multi-tasking. Like really really bad. 29. It's going to be a great one.