Acapulco's Gold: UnMexican Mexican Food

This is the single best Mexican restaurant where my mother could be the chef. Note to readers, my mother is German and can't cook. Jen and I went to Acapulco's Gold on Friday night due to the good reviews on - all of which must have been written by people under the influence of their margaritas. So let's start with the positives. ... Moving on to what made it bearable. Strong margaritas, fresh salsa and the beans didn't make me sick. Onto the bad stuff. We should have walked out when they presented us with Friday's special. A hamburger. Oh, I almost forgot. I thought of another positive. If you love Costco, then you're going to love their chicken burrito. Everything is made fresh straight out of Costco's freezers. If you can't finish your chicken burrito, just save the bird and re-use it in a Chicken Caesar's salad the next day. That is what it was originally made for. I am sure some guests love the bowls of chips placed all over the restaurant. Just not if you don't enjoy stale chips. Anyhow, their staff was very friendly and I am glad we went. Otherwise, I'd be blogging about Sunday's trip to Nordstrom Rack and Otto's dandruff.