Am I a geek?

Today, my David Hasselhoff presentation was featured on the ReadWriteWeb blog under the headline of Geeks Make Public Presentations Fun Again. While I certainly appreciate the free press, this does bring up the question of whether or not I am a geek. Let me list some common traits and behaviors of mine and maybe you can help me make the judgment.
  • At some point of my life, I considered myself to be an athlete. I played competitive soccer in Europe, almost got my personal training license and have run a couple of marathons. As of late, my workouts have become more and more mundane however.
  • I once had a job in Spain where my primary responsibility was to lure attractive females into a dance club. Everything was completely legal, of course.
  • I brush my teeth, check my email, then go to sleep. Then I wake up, check my email and then brush my teeth.
  • I receive approximately 300 emails per day, and can be rather awkward in face-to-face encounters. I also haven't opened my mail in a couple of months, which makes for a rather crowded bookshelf.
  • I take my Kindle camping.
  • I don't like comics, but do own a Wii and spend at least one night every week playing my favorite 15-yr old German soccer simulation game.
  • I have been blogging since 2002 and run a number of different online businesses at any given time.
  • I am taking Jen to the Oregon Coast for her birthday, and for me to get my scooter license.
Now while all these facts seem to clearly point into one direction, let me state that I am not particularly good at any  of these "geeky" activities. Maybe I am simply a person who has been moved towards geeklife by our society. But then I would actually consider myself a bad geek. So, can I ungeek myself? Do I need to? Maybe I am sort of a hybrid geek. A bizgeek? A geekathlete?  I am so confused.