Last night it finally happened. My bed frame broke. I knew that it was only a question of time before my ill-assembled Ikea bed frame was going to collapse. I think last night's event ought not to be blamed on the quality of Ikea furniture, but rather the simple fact that I am not the right person to assemble anything. I have no patience to read a manual, no concept of how to work without one and some of the worst handyman skills known to mankind. As a matter of fact, my mum spent my entire childhood telling the neighbor ladies that she just hopes for me to never have to make a living with my hands. In hindsight, things really looked dim back then as due to my speech disabilities, I wasn't exactly considered a smart one either. Not sure how my mum thought I was going to make it in the real world. But I've always been really good with animals, as you can probably see in this picture where I am chilling with my wild bird friend back in the day. Gosh, with all that bird flu talk, I feel sad for all the kids who have to grow up without wild bird friends.