By the way

I am moving back to Europe at the beginning of August. 

As I was talking to a good friend of mine, she asked me if I was planning to tell anyone about this. Good call. 

On August 3, I am going to step on a plane back to Germany with my cat Otto, my girlfriend Amanda and her cat Lucy. And we are going to spend the rest of the year not coming back. 

Well, I’ll come back a few times as I will continue to work for WDCW, just a bit more remotely.

But otherwise I am planning to spend lots of time finishing my book, growing IdeaMensch, hanging out with my family and friends and feeling perfectly normal about eating ice cream out of cones in nothing but my Speedos, white socks and Birkenstocks. 

This isn’t about leaving America. This is about being back in Europe for a while. It’s crazy to think that I’ve been in America for the last (almost exactly) fourteen years, as I really haven’t aged one bit. 

Not much will change for most of you, other than that our phone conversations will happen at 3am - your time. I’ll still blog here. I'll still bug you about reading IdeaMensch interviews.  And I’ll definitely keep posting pictures of Otto. He’ll just be wearing his speedo.

If anyone ever tells you that it’s impossible to just pick up and move to a different continent for a while, tell them they’re right and then go do it. 

As my good friend, training partner and not-so-role-model-when-it-comes-to-women Arnold once said to me:

"I’ll be back."