Time to catch up on the blog. This past week has been a frenzy for me. My friend Kenadi visited from LA, which was great. With that being said, this whole "not drinking" thing is much harder when you are frequenting restaurants and bars. At the rate things are moving right now, I'll be looking at a volunteer year in the Peace Corps. Otherwise, my quest for better fitness is moving right along. I'm not missing any workouts, consume in moderation and eat more green stuff than the average Vermont milk cow. Tonight I saw the movie "Thank You for Smoking." Not great, but definitely in interesting flick. What at times seems to be a ridiculous proposition actually turns out making sense in the end. Go see it if you find the time. Last but not least, a word about Portland. I love it here. I really do. What I miss most about the other cities/states/countries I've lived are the people. But Portland is the right place for me and I am excited about my future here.