esp who?

Usually I don't have cable at home. There is just too little quality programming, and I have too little self control to keep myself from watching it. However, it's world cup time and that changes everything. Last week I got cable TV for the sole purpose of following all the games. Watching soccer is great no matter what. Listening to the commentary is a whole other story, thanks to the most biased staff of commentators that I've heard in my days. I understand that soccer might need a little extra love and hype in this country, but please don't do it to the point of deceiving people. After having watched a few hours of programming, one must have been a revolutionist to think that the US could possibly NOT win the world cup. Heck, based on some of the commentators, Team America might as well just start posing next to the cup. I felt terrible for the American Team today after they got their butts kicked by a very good Czech team. I truly wanted to see them win, but let's face it. Such would have been a big upset. The American media has been overpromising to the point that the US soccer team is bound to underdeliver. Enthusiasm is good. One-sided, near propaganda-drive reporting is not. It does nobody any good. Especially not the American team. Folks, keep watching the world cup. And keep believing in the US team. They're a definite underdog in their group (Germany would be as well), but in soccer, anything is possible. That's what makes it the greatest sport in the world. Maybe just watch the games on the Spanish TV stations. With that being said, go Deutschland.