espresso machine

My new employer has an espresso machine. Once I figured out how to steam and froth the milk, I spent every free minute making lattes for myself. By noon I was so wired, our receptionist was having serious doubts about whether or not I had shown up for work sober. At some point in the afternoon, I recognized that drinking any more caffeine could potentially threaten my career. But I wasn't able to stop thinking about frothing the milk, so I started mixing other stuff into my no-coffee-whatsoever-latte. Chai tea, honey and chocolate syrup. I can't wait to go back tomorrow morning for some more real lattes. Fortunately, I won't be able to sleep a minute tonight, so I will actually be physically dependent on the caffeine. Just because I don't live with my mum anymore doesn't mean that I am responsible enough to live on my own.