I have been spending quite a bit of time talking to recent and soon-to-be college graduates about what makes people successful. It got me thinking. While there seem to be a variety of factors such as intelligence, people skills and ambition, to me there's one characteristic that stands out amongst all of them. Focus. Warren Buffett became the most successful investor of all times, because of his intense focus towards such. The same holds true for Bill Gates and his focus towards creating great software. Last but not least, my good friend Richard Thalheimer's relentless focus on creating fun and useful gadgets resulted into him building a legendary company such as The Sharper Image. My own track record of successes varies wildy solely depending on whether not I was truly focused on the task at hand. Unfortunately, I get distracted rather easily and when my focus swithces, I begin to fail. Because we all have limited bandwidth and you can't be focused on a dozen things at once. So if you really want to find a job, stop worrying about your fantasy baseball team. If you want to run a marathon, stop playing golf. If you want to be a world-class marketer, don't read fiction, read marketing blogs. If you have to sacrifice your passions in order to focus, then you're focusing on the wrong thing. Passion for what you do allows you to focus, once you do, success can't be stopped.