Germans are different

Over the past week I was reminded on numerous occasions that Germans are different.

Example #1 - Germans love needles
As noted below, my mother always gives my dad  some sort of “blood thinning” injection before a flight. She's worried about his blood clotting from sitting on an airplane for too long. One the night before, and one the morning off. On Saturday she forgot to give my dad his morning injection, which she didn't recognize until she found her loaded needles while standing in line at airport security. And apparently you can't take loaded injections on an airplane. My dad had a big smile on his face, as he has never been a big fan of those injections. Little did he know that my mum was fully prepared to give my dad his injection in front of about 100 other people in the security line. Shirt goes up, sweat sets in, needle gets poked into belly, tears appear and attention shifts away from everything else going on. Really, I can't believe that my mum pulled this off.

Example # 2 - Germans don't know jetlag
My cousin Stefan, and my friends Jens and Karin arrived from Germany on Saturday. Right now, they're visiting my host family in Montana. Anyway, after having slept a total of about three hours in three days, I was expecting Sunday night to be an early one for them. And myself, frankly. Karin went to bed at about 9pm. My cousin and Jens didn't.  Neither did I. I spent the hours between 4pm and 4am drinking wine on the beach at Sauvie Island, visiting various Portland drinking and dancing (the kind where only women get to dance...naked) establishments and finishing up in my loft sipping on rum and cokes. If I hadn't repeadetly mentioned that I had to be in work in a few hours, we probably would have gone out for breakfast as well.  Then they got up at 7 in the morning and started driving to Montana.

Germans are different, but never boring.