how to save $100 in 2007

Go generic in the shaving department.

I ran out of razor blades about a week ago.  After seven misguided days of thinking that I might look good with a beard, I decided to buy new blades this weekend. Until Saturday I was a a Mach 3 guy, all the way. Well, at least three times a week. After spending a few hours investigating the lack of downward price elasticity when it comes Gillette razor blades, I decided it was time to change. No more branded shaving. I am now a proud owner of a Matrix 3 Titanium razor from Rite Aid. It's basically the same technology as my old Mach 3, except replacement blades cost $0.50 rather than $2.50.

After successfully shaving my face and almost cutting off my right index finger, I can tell you that three blades shave like three blades. Rite Aid or not, I will be saving almost $100 in razor blades in 2007.

Gillette Mach blades per month/year: $10/$120
Rite Aid Matrix 3 blades per month: $2/$24

Savings: $8 per month and $96 per year if you exchange blades once a week

Ps. Ladies, I am sure the same holds true in the leg shaving department.