I have a pretty good April Fool's story. A true one. Yesterday I was standing in line at the Wholefoods checkout counter. It was late and there was a surprising number of people shopping. All of the sudden I feel someone's arm around my waist, followed by a long kiss on the cheek. Since it was April Fool's day, I was pretty sure that my friends had either hired a professional escort or I was kissed by one of them. When I turned around, a beautiful young woman was standing there with her arms around me. Once I looked her in the eye, she recognized that I was not her boyfriend. He was standing at the checkout counter to the right of me, and  didn't look all too happy about the situation. Funny stuff.

I am in Indianapolis right now. Heading back to Portland tomorrow. I feel as if I am getting sick again, which might be my body's way of telling me to slow down a bit. This weekend, I am not drinking, traveling or working.