My favorite place in China was actually Macau. It's a beautiful city that reminded me a lot of Lisbon. No surprise there, as it actually used to be a Portuguese colony. It's actually not a city, but rather a special economic region in China. However, for the purpose of this blog entry, it's a city. Macau is old, beautiful, charming, cheap and filled with nice people. All that with a touch of Las Vegas, as prostitution and gambling are legal in Macau. And much unlike Vegas, Macau still feels very real. Oh, and all the cars are driving on the wrong side of the road, which is retarded. Anyway, Terry and I took the ferry to Macau and crossed the border by foot. We asked a policeman where all the casinos were and then took a cab out to what one might call the "fun part of town". We walked into the first hotel out of the cab (the's all beginning to make sense), dropped off our bag packs and started exploring the city. We did some gambling at night and then continued to explore the neighborhood. The amazing thing about Macau is that there are prostitutes everywhere. No joke, there were at least a hundred of them in our hotel lobby. I could never meet a girl in that city, as it would be hard to differentiate whether a girl likes me or if she's on the job. Anyway, there was a kick-ass bathtub/shower/steam room in our hotel room. I spend half of the night in the darn thing, resulting into major burns on my right elbow. Quick way to find out where the steam was coming from. The morale of the story is that I am going back to Macau. So should you. Oh, and if do be aware that you need a passport to get into the casinos (not a handwritten, temporary German one) and there are no saunas in a Macau sauna club. One last thing, the old man is walking his bird.