I made it to Montana with no harm. All my planes were a little delayed, but otherwise it was an easy trip. Maybe with the exception of the hour and 1/2 that it took me to take a bus the five miles from my apartment to the airport. So now I am in Montana, for the first time in a couple of years. And nothing has changed. I wasn't able to get online earlier today, because the rain had disabled the giant Satellite receiver in the backyard. There  still is no DSL or cable internet around here.

Almost forgot, but I wanted to tell you about my buddy who I met on my plane ride from Seattle to Missoula. Mike was on his way home from a summer of work in Ketchikan, Alaska. This was his 5th plane ride of the day (most of them were spent in four-seater propeller machines over Alaska) and Mike was wasted. He had spent six hours in the Seattle airport and couldn't have been further than 20-feet away from the airport bar at any given time. When entering the plane, he threw his bagpack into the overhead compartment, looked at me and then proclaimed that I'd be an alright mate to sit next to. He then started talking about Alaska, somehow thinking that him and I go there together next summer. Mike also kept commenting about us sitting right next to the propellers and that we'd be the first to die if they came loose. Nice.

Otherwise, it was very pleasant flight. They actually served complimentary beer (Widmer Oktoberfest) and wine on the plane. When Mike was turned down for his alcoholic beverage of choice (any alcoholic beverage for that matter), the flight attendant took the time to have a heart-to-heart talk with him, about how she couldn't possibly serve him any more alcohol and how they barely let him onto the plane. Anyways, Mike and I hugged when the plane landed, he yelled "see you next summer in alaska" and off we went seperate ways.