My buddy Pat (Team Stupid Pat) and I are road tripping out to Montana tonight after work. Actually, he's driving since I don't know how to drive stick. Really too bad for the guy.

Presenting at U tomorrow, board meetings on Friday, Griz/Cat game on Saturday and then off to Hamilton to visit my host family. I am planning to spend lots of time with old friends in between.

Next week I am flying to LA and then to Billings, MT the weekend after such for a Christmas party. Do I know anyone who lives in Billings, or at least close to it? I think I am flying in on Thursday and then hitting back out on Saturday.

Also, I just found out that I'll be presenting in the colors of the University of Montana at that graduation speech I am giving. It's going to be somewhat weird to be the only one in a different colored cap and gown. I'll certainly stand out, so I probably won't be wearing the black wig that I was sporting at this year's Halloween celebrations.