One of my good college friends, Noah  has been battling with brain cancer for the past few years. While the cancer was under control for a few years, Noah's been battling constant seizures making a normal life impossible. His medical expenses have skyrocketed over the years and his family is in need of financial help. My college sweetheart's (Megan) mother has initiated a campaign to help Noah and his family in his battle against brain cancer. We are trying to raise $5,000. If you know Noah, please help.

•    Noah has Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) insurance through UM, but  BCBS  only  pays  70% while the family must pay 30%.
•    Noah has to stay in school in order to keep his insurance even though it's often difficult for him to concentrate and keep up with the classes due to his medical condition. 
•    Because this has been going on for some time, and he's been through surgery 4 years ago, radiation 2 years ago, and now chemo, there have been lots of expenses including travel back and forth to Virginia Mason Clinic in Seattle, WA.
•    BCBS will not pay for his anti-seizure medication - which is a monthly expense of about  $1,450 for Keppra 500mg and Lyrica 75mg. 
•    BCBS will pay for the chemo treatments but only AFTER the fact, the family must front the cost -$3,880  per month  for Ativan, Temodar, Kytral. 
•    Deb has written and contacted an exhaustive list of foundations and other organizations  (two typewritten pages) to try to get assistance with the medication or other medical expenses but has been turned down by all.
•    She's been in contact with online contacts for specific drugs where they say financial assistance can be obtained but so far those have run into deadends.

Those who would like to contribute could send checks to one of two places:
            NOAH GINNINGS MEDICAL FUND    (Vickie will deliver checks to the bank AND
            c/o Vickie Mikelsons                         record names and addresses to notify the family)
            410 Brooks Street
            Missoula, MT  59801    


            NOAH GINNINGS MEDICAL FUND   (If you send your check to the bank, be aware that no
            c/o Mountain West Bank, N.A.          notices of names and addresses will be sent
            1821 South Avenue W                      to the family - so gift would be anonymous.)
            Missoula, MT  59801.