not comfortable being comfortable

Not sure if this is the norm, but continuously starting over has been a common theme throughout my life. The minute I get comfortable or good at something, I pick up and start something else. I usually don't even build on my existing skills or resources, but rather go as unfamiliar as humanly possible. I used to be really good at French, partially because of being an exchange student near Lyon for two years in a row. So what do I do? I start learning Spanish and then move to the US a year later. I used to be a really good soccer player. Then when I had the chance to play in college, I decided to instead go to school in Montana and focus on a life away from my world's favorite sport. I used to be Finance major, and after a year long internship at American Express Financial Services; all my classes were a breeze. So I switched to be a Marketing major my last year of college, of which I knew little to nothing. A couple years ago I ran a really fast marathon. Rather than running a second marathon, I'm now training for a triathlon. I've taken many dance lessons, none of which I ever enjoyed. I have zero rhythm. Yet, I am always toying with the thought of learning salsa. I keep trying to do yoga, and have no flexibility. Really, I could care less about being flexible. I'm starting to believe that I do yoga because I'm bad at it. Being from a foreign country makes it hard to sometimes find the right words in the right situation. Hence, while living in LA I decided to perform in an improv comedy group for a year. I love to fly fish. So I decide to play golf. I've broken up with too many girlfriends and left many good jobs behind. Not sure if this true ambition, or if I am just not comfortable being comfortable.