Oma Elli

After a long life, my last surviving great grandmother Elli passed away this week. For the last few years, her mind had given up while her body kept on going. On Tuesday night she quietly passed away in her sleep.

Oma Elli was arguably my most interesting grandparent as she was extremely opinionated and had an extremely dry sense of humor, which was put to use on a regular basis. Oma Elli always was a little different and only believed in doing things her way, which made for many interesting adventures including various escapes from the retirement home she lived in her last few years. My great-grandmother made the best potato salad in the world and was a survivor of two World Wars. Her husband died as a German war hero in World War II, who left a bunker to save a blinded colleague during an allied forces air bombing attack. Only the blind soldier survived to tell the story.

Losing my great grandmother is sad, but her time had come. It saddens me to not have been with my family to say goodbye.  No matter how far I move away from home, Oma Elli will always be a vivid memory of my childhood in Germany.

Goodbye Oma Elli. See you in heaven.