parents are back in town

It's that time of the year again. My parents are in town. That means I am back onto the futon, and Otto gets to enjoy more people to cuddle with. In my bed that is. Funny, all my mum does is buy Otto a myriad of toys including a giant tunnel, a rat-like squeeky ball of fur that scares that heck out of him, and me; as well as a giant net to be hung over my living room window to avoid him escaping; and all the sudden I am out of a cuddle partner. Folks, life ain't fair.

Anyways, my parents are having a good time. My father still gets up at six in the morning to organize his quarter collection right next to my futon where I am trying to sleep.It took my mother all the self control and motherly-love she could bear to gather, to not go directly from the airport to the Woodburn mall; which ended up being a day two initiative.

On Sunday, my dad and I are running the Portland marathon. We would both like to finish.