peppermint steam

Here comes another unfortunate story and experience that happened at my new gym. In the steam room this time. I walk into a packed steam room filled with a bunch of guys with a towel wrapped around their butts. Just FYI, I was not nude. That wasn't the story. The level of steam in the room seemed to have gone down a bit and since I just entered, my tolerance for heat and steam were quite high. I stepped up to the little thermometer in the room and I remembered that by sprinkling such with cold water, you can really get the steam going. Quite logically, there was a spray bottle of sorts right next to it. Cold water, of course, I assumed. So, I started spraying the liquid. And I sprayed some more. Lots of water everywhere.The steam started just as the guy next to me frantically started tapping my calf. It came as no surprise to me that something went wrong as some of that liquid had gotten into my eye which caused momentary loss of sight followed by extreme tearing. I had managed to empty a bottle of peppermint scented oil/water in the steam room which felt a little bit like ramming a pack of Fisherman's Friends up your nostrils. The steam room cleared rather quickly and I left just as soon as my eye sight came back. Well, and then I waited just a couple more minutes to ensure that I wasn't going to run into any of my steamy peers in the showers. I'll probably just work out at home for the rest of the week.