resting my mind

As noted in my 1000th entry, I will be traveling to Kauai next week for 10 days of beauty, nature, self-reflection and the complete absence of any media or communication.

About a month ago, I came to the realization that I really haven't taken a break in the past five years. I am constantly working, traveling, thinking, emailing, talking or trying to compensate from any of the former. I drink too much coffee, sleep too little and can't remember the last time I did absolutely nothing. My brain just kept getting overloaded with more stuff, and seldomly had the opportunity to regenerate.

My constant brain overload then lead to what I consider to be an inability to focus and awareness of the present moment.

That is not acceptable, and hence I decided to just get away. I will be roaming the backcountry of Kauai with my backpack, two good books,  my diary, a bag of rice, some fishing line  and no more than $100 in my pockets. If I find my way back to society, you'll be the first to find out whether this little brain cleansing experiment worked.