should I get a cat?

That is the big question around here these days. Cat or no cat. Personally, I love cats and would certainly enjoy the companionship of a little furry friend. I am fully aware of the fact that I cannot have a dog, as I am simply not responsible enough nor do I have the time. Plus, I travel too much. But cats are different. They are independent. My cat could easily be alone for a day or two, surviving on dry cat food and water.

My mum is an absolute opponent of me owning a cat, as she believes that it will be too much responsibility and that the cat will sad being alone at home during the day. She also thinks I will feel  guilty about leaving the cat at home, so I will stay at home rather than hanging out with friends.

True, the animal would probably be happier with me there all day long, or maybe not, but I live close enough to see the little fellow during my lunch break. Also, I think that any cat will have a better life with me than in a shelter. I'd probably get the kind of cat that not many other people would adopt. Leave the cute kittens to the cut people.

Last but not least, I checked with the German embassy and would be able to bring the cat back to Germany without  having to put her through quarantine.

With that being said, this could have some serious implications on my dating life. I wouldn't be able to date girls who're allergic to cats, or at least supply them with the necessary medications.

What do you think?