thank loudly

I don't know about you but so far 98% of my success and happiness can be directly contributed back to what other people have done for me. People have helped me every step along the way, not because I asked  but rather because they simply are amazing people. And I think that every day, every minute and every second; someone is doing something amazing for someone else. Why? Just because. To me the big question is whether I have shown those people my appreciation for all they have done for me. We are all quick to bitch and complain but do we say thank you often enough and loud enough?
  • My mother has done so much for me, I would have to say thank you to her every second of every day to begin showing her my gratitude. Or at least, not forget her birthday and mother's day.
  • There is my dad, who wasn't that from a biological perspective, but who gave up his twenties and dedicated his life to take care of a very misbehaved little boy and the most stubborn woman I've ever met. Some day I hope to be that selfless.
  • There were my neighbors who always took me on vacation with them, because my family didn't have the money to go. I learned to love other cultures at a very young age. And much to my mother's dismay, I don't get homesick anymore.
  • There was my soccer coach who allowed me to play on his team after having been kicked off another team. It was the best season in my life. And without it, I know I would have gotten myself into all kinds of trouble. I never said thank you.  Rest in peace, Mr. Kugel.
  • There was Sister Angela who sat down with me every day after school to help me with my homework. Without her, I would have never made it through seventh grade. And I know as a matter of fact that I never said thank you. Sister Angela, rest in peace. You are a saint.
  • There were all kinds of people who let me copy their homework on that grueling 45 minute bus ride to school every day. Without them, I'd probably be smarter today but I still appreciate it.
  • There is my best friend Alex who would literally finish his exams and then help me with mine. I know that's cheating but we both turned out alright.
  • There is my host family in Montana who took me in and treated me like a member of their family. And they didn't even want to have an exchange student. But without them, I would have never been able to come or stay in the US.
  • There are all the bosses I ever had (including the one who I hired me as a janitor) who brought me on board despite the fact that I really never had the experience that was asked for in the position they put me in.
  • There is my friend Elisa who let me crash on her floor for about four months, which allowed me to work as a free intern in Seattle. Without her, I would have never been able to stay in the US.
  • There are people who did amazing things to help me stay and live in America. You know who you are. Thank you.
  • There are so many people who have introduced me to other people who then opened some door for me.
I could probably think of a few hundred examples of little and huge things (come to think of it, they are all big)  that people have done for me. Sometimes I showed my appreciation and other times I probably did not. That worries me. Do you ever worry about not saying thank you? Or, not saying thank you as loudly and clearly as you probably should. I know people don't help others so they get a "thank you" in return. Knowing what they did helped you is probably all they would ever want. But we all love to feel appreciated. So I want to say thank you to all the hundreds of people who have helped make my life what it is today. Without your help, I'd be nowhere and no-one. There will be many thank yous that you miss to give, simply because you won't recognize how much that person did for you until later in in your life. So whenever you know that you have something to be thankful for, say thank you. Loudly.