the greatest reward

The other day I received an email from my virtual assistant Anand (he helps me with drafting all the interviews that come in)  telling me that he soon will be leaving the company to pursue an education as well as his own entrepreneurial efforts. When I asked him to tell him more, he sent me this email. 

Hi Mario,

I going to do M.Sc IT in Sikkim Manipal University. I am interested in Web Development technologies. We don't have many options for Payment Processing / Payment gateways in India. Hope I could bring some changes to that. While drafting an interview in IdeaMensch I came across the website: which pulled all my attention to it. 

India is a country with lots of Middle class people and Lots of small scale business. (We have only hand full companies that are big and well established). But the Squareup doesn't provide service here (if it comes I would be the first person to order). For such kinds of Web product, India have a great Market. 

We are suppose to work on two weekends every month. Usually during weekend I spend as much time as possible to read the interview in the Ideamenchs. I will get lots of Inspiration and it made me to choose a different path. It made me to think outside the box. You have selected great personalities. I was also inspired about the Mushroom growing box. You are doing a great job, making the enterpruener's experience, ideas, to be very public, such that a common person like me in the remote place of India get Inspiration and start a new life ahead after that. Thank you soooo muccchhh. 

I will be sending you my photo soon. Currently I don't have one here in office.

I will miss working with you!!!!!



My career is Advertising has been pretty great. And helping create marketing initiatives that succeed can be very rewarding. But truth be told, this email trumps all that stuff. 

Being able to make a difference in someone's life, however small, is the greatest reward there is.

I will miss working with Anand.