travel updates

So, I just got back from Beijing. It was quite the trip about which I'll write more in a bit. I did stand in the middle of Tiananmen square and climbed up the great wall of China. Actually the coolest thing about Beijing was the trip to and from. We took the night train from Shanghai to Beijing, leaving at 6pm and arriving at 6am. You walk into the train, drink a bunch of wine, chat with whoever is assigned to the cabin with you (4 beds), watch movies on your laptop and then fall asleep in your comfy soft sleeper, only waking up once the train has arrived. It's by far the most relaxing way I have ever traveled such a long distance. There was one tiny hangup. Terry insisted on having our cabin door open for fresh air. That doesn't really work that well considering that there were dozens of chinese men smoking in the hallway. For the entire trip to Beijing, our cabin air quality was the equivalent to that of an airport smoking lounge. Last night, we went to Karaoke bar and today we are flying to Shengzen. From there, we are heading to Macau on Wednesday, Hong Kong on Thursday, Shanghai on Friday and then back to Los Angeles on Saturday. Busy week. Here's a pic of the great wall of China.