where the heck is mario

This blog post really can't be called anything else, since I have done such a poor job of keeping my blog updated, answering my phone or even responding to emails. So hopefully I can do a better job moving forward but not before recapping what I have been up to.
A trip to Texas Two weeks ago I traveled to Dallas,  Texas to visit my buddy Jerry's daughter and his future son in law. Lots of bbq, line-dancing, blue skies, golf and giant bugs. There's something very unique about Texas, but Dallas is probably not a place where I could ever live. Thank you for making this happen Jerry - and happy birthday. A move back to Los Angeles While talking about places where I'd ever thought I'd be living (again), I will make the move back to the city of Angels next year where I will help start a digital marketing agency. More on that later. Some time in Montana Right now, I am sitting in the living room next to my host dad on a ranch in Hamilton, Montana. My first home in the US.  I arrived in Montana on Wednesday night, gave a couple of presentations to University students on Thursday and then attended board meetings on Friday. It's been a great trip with lots of good friends, good food (Venison Steaks anyone?) and some unbelievable hospitality. Thank you Vick, Jean, Russ, Alexis, Greg, Jesse, John and Diane. Montana is a very special place. A few other things
  • Life without a cell phone is interesting. It's not bad when I am in Portland but the whole, pay-by-the-minute concept" hurts the frugal German in me. Poor Jen. When is the next iPhone coming out?
  • Jen and I will spend Thanksgiving with her family and then head to the coast next weekend with Ryan and Jeana. That should be a lot of fun.
  • Schalke won. The Griz beat up on the Bobcats and Greg Oden is the real deal. Life is good. Here's to more regular blog entries next week.