why i don't go to the movies

And why I go to McDonalds at least once a week. The other day, we decided to (after a long time) once again go see a movie in theatre. Ever since I had my 42inch Korean Flat Panel roommate move in, it has become a lot more appealing to watch a movie at home than it was when staring at that 19-inch pudgy panel formerly decorating my living room. And if we do go to the movies, we usually end up going to one of those fabulous "beer theatres" here in Portland where cheap movie tickets (around $3) incentivize people to spend money on beer and burgers. Considering I "dish wash" ziplock bags, that is my kind of entertainment. But regardless,  we went to a normal movie theatre. The experience really has not improved one bit since my last movie visit, but the price has increased to $10.50 per person.  $21 for Jen and I to go see some superhero movie. So movie ticket prices have continued to increase while the general experience of movie theatres has remained mediocre or gotten worse. Not cool. In sharp contrast, people used to pay $3-$4 to rent a movie at a rental store, which they then went home to watch on a 20-inch TV. And if people kept the movie for an extra day, they'd be dinged with a $5 a day late fee. Times have changed. Now, McDonalds sends me a  coupon every Monday and Wednesday for a free one-day DVD rental. And if I want to rent a movie on a Thursday instead, it's only $1 a day with no late fees ever. With the economy being as shaky as it is, it makes no sense to me to spend money on going to the movies. Go to McDonalds and pick up a free movie. You don't have eat there. Rent movies people. Rent movies.