world champions

Ok, I missed the superbowl which is a bit hypocritical since I work in Advertising. But it was funny to hear the hype leading up to it. World champions, the biggest team sports event in the world, etc, etc.  I saw two teams, both from the same country,owned by rich American indvidiuals with hardly mostly American players, playing a sport that isn't really that popular anywhere but in America. Ok folks, that's not a world championship. If it is, then this morning I became the world champion of fly fishing. And last night, I sat next to the world champion of a game called "Pigs."

Since most of you strongly agree with me, you're probably itching to see a real world champion. Like the German Handball team that just won the handball world championship in Germany, playing a foreign country (Poland - sorry Mark) and all . Here are some pics of our team celebrating their accomplishment in the mayor's house in Cologne. The guy with the mustache is our coach.