what else?

It has been quite some time since I last posted a meaningful piece of writing on here. And since I don’t want to be officially delisted as a blogger, here is an honest assessment of where I am at – physically and mentally.

Physically, I am back in Los Angeles. I spent the last six months living in Europe, while commuting back to the States for work. The plan was to come back to Portland, but Amanda loves sunshine and I love Amanda so here I am back in Los Angeles. I rented a ginormous loft space downtown Los Angeles, seriously big enough to hold a rave or start a car dealership. Neither of which Amanda is going to let me do.

I love the space, but it’s kind of far away from the Westside – especially for someone who doesn’t have a car. And we’re living down here with 90,000 homeless people which is a serious reality check and gives you something to think about every one you walk out the door. For all people who think that government shouldn’t help those who sank the lowest – you have no heart. When you get a chance, come down to Los Angeles and visit Skid Row – and see some of those “celebrated” veterans who as a society we drop like hot potatoes when we recognize they require lifelong mental and financial assistance. I’ve never seen a country that treats its veterans worse than ours. Is that what our founding fathers had in mind? It’s really sad.

I digress.

What else? 

These past six months have been an inredible learning experience. We made a huge change in our lives, the kind of experience I thought we’d come out of – with nothing but clarity. Instead, there are more questions than ever before. One thing does appear clear – more change is on the horizon. Always. Parts of the last six months have been incredible. Amanda and I got to see amazing parts of this world – and spend chunks of time in places like Amsterdam, Rome, Turkey and Plettenberg. I got to spend lots of time with my family and finally was able to mooch of my parents again. I learned what I already knew – Amanda is the best person I’ve ever met with a legitimately blemish-free heart and soul. If you ever have to choose between Amanda and I, choose her. You’d be a fool not to.

What else?

I proved to myself that you really can live anywhere in the world, for the same price as it costs to live where you are right now. How? The Internet. It’s huge. There are a million different things to learn. Learn one of them, and then charge others to teach them. Or just figure out what it is that you’re already good at, bring it online and teach it to others there.

We also learned that Amanda isn’t an entrepreneur, and that maybe the wrong one of us quit their job. She does love Christmas markets and Spinach pizza. Otto hates flying, and doesn’t appreciate passenger weight limits. Lucy hates flying and it gives her diarrhea. Amanda doesn’t mind flying.

The biggest lesson for me has been that life gets slightly more complicated when it’s not just about yourself. Most of you already know this. People tell me all the time that life and relationships are all about compromises. Which is why we are back in LA and Otto only flies Delta anymore (which has no weight limit for furry passengers).

Big picture, however. It gets slightly more complicated. Because I want everyone to be as happy as they can be, live where they want to be an do only what fulfills them. There is a fine line between compromise and settling for less than you need – just because it’s what you’re supposed to do. I want to compromise. For true happiness. If you’re unhappy, out-of-shape, unfulfilled and work too much – then you’re getting your compromise advice from the wrong blog.

Long story short, I want Amanda, Otto, Lucy and I to all have the most incredible lives ever. Our first shot at it wasn’t that fair to Amanda, and me feeling bad about that didn’t help our relationship. We are back, and we are going to take another shot at it.

Never settle.

What else?

I wrote a book last year. That was easier than one would imagine. The hard part is to have the balls to send it to my editor and have someone else read it. I must grow a pair and just do it. And yes, I am using a “balls” analogy on my blog, which Amanda is probably going to make me take out when she reads it.

What else?

IdeaMensch is doing pretty awesome. There are so many incredible people out there, and IdeaMensch gets to grow and flourish by shining a light on them. In one of my past relationships, one of my past girlfriend’s mother’s said something along the lines of “the more you shine the ligher on others, the brighter your light will shine.” So true. That’s IdeaMensch.I am going to make an announcement in the coming month and it’s going to be the biggest feat I’ve ever attempted. It’s going to take every ounce of whatever energy and courage I have – plus the help of thousands of others. It’s time for me to finally do something real to try and help others. Not a little (even though that counts for something) but rather something which takes some real cajones (which I in the process of growing) and do some serious good.

What else?

I am the kind of person who needs to have a big goal. Otherwise I end up just wandering around aimlessly, eating crappy food, working out with no intensity and not really accomplishing anything significant. Some people are productive by default, others need a mission. I need a mission.

What else?

One of my goals this year is to call my friends more often. I am getting a phone next week. Yes, I have lived without a phone for the last six months which also is entirely possible.

What else?

Sometimes one needs to take a step back and show gratitude for what they have. I see my family, my girlfriend, my friends, an understanding boss, amazing co-workers, a supportive IdeaMensch community, and Otto and Lucy and holy crap – I am lucky and grateful.

What else?

Everybody should read the book Unbroken. Best book I read in years. Buy it through this link and help me buy fuel for my yacht – http://ideamens.ch/y7MQFK

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