1. odalis

Ok, this is the first story in a series of entries describing my move to Portland. And it starts in LA.

I woke up Monday morning and was in the unfortunate situation where I had nobody to help me move my apartment packed with boxes into my soon to be-picked-up moving truck. So while I was riding the bus to the rental truck place, I decided to try and hire some help. It’s not a hard thing to do in Los Angeles. There are mexican fellows on every corner, looking for a payday. As a matter of fact, there were about 30 of them in front of the rental truck place.

I took one look and then made a quick choice. I pointed my right index finger towards a middle-aged mexican fellow with three golden teeth and red hat. His name was Odalis and he was my man for the job. You’d think that his buddies on the corner would be happy that he was picked up, but far from it. A number of them tried to tell me stories that he Odalis was lazy, stole and actually just got out of prison. It didn’t matter to me. I made my choice and he looked like a nice guy.

Once he got to work, it quickly turned out that he wasn’t only a nice guy but also an extremely hard and smart worker. Heck, for all I know the guy could have had a PHd in logistics. Since I have no handyman skills whatsoever (Odalis must have quickly realized such), he took charge and organized the whole move. Not only did he decide where everything had to go, but he also wrapped items that he didn’t believe to be properly protected and then moved just about every single box. Every time, I’d come out of the door carrying a box that might potentially be heavy, he’d run towards me and take off my hands.

The entire truck was packed in two hours. Truth be told, it would have taken me an entire day and then stuff still wouldn’t have fit.

Odalis did it all. When it came time to drop him off at his corner again, I paid him triple of what we had agreed on, gave him an old stereo and some other random items, hugged and off I went to start my drive.

Thank you Odalis. Wherever you might be right now. I have never met a man who worked as hard as you.