What if we all showed up?

The other day Carlyn and I went to see The Ataxian, which is a movie about a gentleman named Kyle, who despite battling the neuromuscular disorder Friedreich’s ataxia, does some pretty unbelievable athletic and mental feats to help raise money for research to battle the disease that’s killing him. Needless to be said, it’s an unbelievable movie and I cried the whole time. Carlyn soaked her sweater she cried so much. Having Kyle and many of the key people from the movie in the room didn’t help.

The movie follows Kyle and his team as he participates in the Race Across America by riding his recumbent bicycle across the country in eight days. Mind you, Kyle sits in a wheelchair.

It really got me thinking about my own life. Am I doing enough? Am I really pushing to achieve the things that matter to me, or am I mostly just giving 90%.

Spoiler alert. I am giving 90%. And that’s an optimistic guess.

So then I asked myself. What would happen if I truly did give 100% in everything I do. Maybe do fewer things but commit fully.

What would happen to my relationship? What would happen to my fitness? What would happen to my career?

People like Kyle, tragically might I say, have a ticking clock. He knows there’s a limited amount of time to use his legs. To spread the message about the rare disease he’s battling. At some point soon, there’s a very good chance he can’t move his legs anymore. And then it will get harder to control his arms. And then it will get harder for people to understand his voice. People like Kyle have real urgency, so he is truly trying to do the most he can with every day he still has movement in his legs, arms, and voice.

I have ticking clock too. So do you. We just aren’t so aware of it.

Fuck, and here I am. In full health. With a great network. With all the resources and capabilities in the world. Giving 90% at life at best. What a waste.

I am not doing enough.

Are you doing enough?

What would happen if you were 100% committed to your diet and workout plan? If you actually went to the gym and gave it your all? What would happen if you didn’t eat the foods that are convenient and tasty but you know they’re killing you? What would happen if you went all in on that side project you have been dreaming up, the one you tell people you’re passionate about? What would happen if you got up 30 minutes early to start writing that book you’ve been talking about for a decade? What would happen if you started the podcast? What would happen if you set a date to quit the job you hate and actually start applying for other ones? What would happen if you’ve been frustrated your completely dysfunctional government and not only would you vote next time, but you’d be sure your friends and family would too?

What would happen if you truly gave it your all and left it all out there? No excuses. No bullshit. Just 110% honest effort, until you’ve got nothing else to give.

What if tomorrow we all showed up? Fully.

I hope we do.

Because today we didn’t.

Ps. Watch that movie. And then go do shit.

unsplash-logoKatja-Anna Krug