11 miles, 4 hours, $70

Last night I went on my long training run for the upcoming Plettenberg marathon. I bought a special water bottle that you can attach to your hand when running, as hydration becomes a serious issue on these long runs. It also had a pocket where I chose to put my keys and a pack of completely legal energy gel. Unfortunately, I dropped the key when getting the gel out during my run, which I discovered about 7 miles into my run. So I backtracked all the way to the trailhead trying to find my key. Believe it or not, I found two other keys that caused tremendous excitement with subsequent sadness. Jen then picked me up somewhere beneath the trailhead and then drove me back to the office to find my replacement key. That was nowhere to be found. So I had to call the friendly folks at Pop-A-Lock of Portland who proceeded to let me into my place at the pace of $70. While I am still really bitter about this, I highly recommend their service. They pick a mean lock, are reasonably priced and drive professional looking trucks.