$14 movie

Friday night, I went and saw a movie with my buddies Trevor and Mark. We saw “Godsend” at a movie theatre called Arclight. It’s in Hollywood and quite different than your usual theatre. It costs $14 a show and you can reserve your seats. The seats therefore are really comfortable. But not $14 comfortable. I guess as long as I don’t bring a date to the movie, it’s ok. Afterwards, we went to a bar called Cats and Fiddle or something like that. It was a pretty cool place. A little to hollywoody for me.

I worked both days this weekend. It was quite the pain, especially since the AC doesn’t work on the weekends and it was at least 100F today.

I am flying to San Francisco for a couple of days on Tuesday. We have to give a big presentation on Wednesday. I hope that I will find my time to prepare for this meeting, as it will just be me, my bosses and a bunch of Fortune 500 executives.