2 powerbooks

Today I purchased two more laptops. I am going to have to sell at least one of them, but it was just too good of an offer to turn down. At this exact moment, I own 3 powerbooks and one PC laptop. Plenty for a common man like me.

I am staying late at work tonight. One of those real fun Advertising late nights. We’ll see, if in any way possible I am going to try and hit the gym tonight. However, no more boxing for me. I can hardly move my right hand today and turning my neck is extremely cumbersome.

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  1. Anonymous October 29, 2004 at 2:12 pm

    That’s right! get your powerbooks cheap through applerockies.com. It is suppose to be for students in higher education throughout montana, wyoming and colorado but I am willing to help out anyone who is friends (or at least reads his blog) of mario.