20 inch flat screen

20 inch flat screen Daewoo stereo TV

I just got back from the gym. I have to give credit to my friend Megan Fisher, who took the initative and called me today. What a great friend. She is in Chicago and just underwent another major leg surgery. Megan is going back to Missoula in a couple weeks to continue her studies at the University of Montana. Way to go Megan.

Did I mention that I purchased a TV last week. Yes, can you believe it. I am not the owner of a 20inch Daewoo, flat screen stereo horse of TV. Actually, Daewoo isn’t exactly known for its ability to manufacture quality TVs, so I also purchased a 3 year warranty with it. It’s great. Every morning I wake up, open my eyes and watch TV for a few minutes. Then I realize that it’s a weekday and I rush to work like no other. By the way, I might be one of the few people that commutes via bike in the city of Los Angeles. There aren’t many of us and that’s very understandable. Riding your bike around LA must feel similar to the sensation frogs experience before crossing major highways. People seriously go after bikers like me. It’s crazy. At some point, I will have to break down and buy a car. Till then I will continue to live on the edge. Yeah right, I just started using sidewalks.

Still looking at that beautiful bookshelf I bought at IKEA. For some reason, I just can’t get myself to take it out of the box and start setting it up. Oh well. Meanwhile the books will have to stay on the floor.