2007 resolutions

Happy New Year to y’all. May it bring all that you and your family wish for.

I am going to publish my resolutions this year, to add yet another factor of accountability. With that being said, I achieved all the resolutions that I had set myself for 2006, however, they might have skewed a bit too much to the professional side. Here come my well-balanced resolutions for 2007:

Live a more balanced life
    – Work less, live more
    – Eat healthier, drink less
    – Do yoga once a week, acupuncture or massages monthly
    – Keep working out and do a couple of bike races

Do a better job of staying in touch
    – Blog every day
    – Write letters, call friends and family
    – Go back to Germany in 2007

Grow professionally
    – Give another big speech, or some sort of performance
    – Get published
    – Exceed goals at work