Here is what I learned this year. 

IdeaMensch is going to be a success, I just have to figure out as what. 

You can have anything you put your mind too. And then you can figure out if it’s what you really wanted. 

Jetlag grows as time between travel shortens. 

Energy needs energy. 

I always tell people that I don’t like the idea of setting big goals. Not sure how I framed training for an Ironman in my mind.  This year, I learned that in order to maintain focus, I need big goals. Next year, I’ll have a big goal again. 

All people are fundamentally good. Most of them are really nice, even Italians. 

You can rent furnished apartments on Airbnb all over the world for less than the price of rent in a major US city. 

More likely than not, you can do your job from anywhere in the world.

Writing a book is easy. Just write 1,000 words every day before you do anything else. That’s what I did. Then I spent four months procrastinating editing the darn thing. 

Friends are so important. I am bad at calling them. Next year I am going to get a phone again and do just that.

Handicapped cats are charming too. Especially Lucy.

Otto hates flying and the only person more scared than him about him flying is me. Next year he will settle down in America. 

Amanda is more patient, more understanding, kinder, smarter, prettier and cleaner than I am. I’m, however, slightly taller. 

My family is the best. All of them. 

I know I didn’t write a lot this year. Or call for that matter. But I truly appreciate all the people who have followed this blog for the past nine years (holy crap) and am super jazzed about what’s to come in 2012. 

Big things. 

Thank you.

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  1. Anonymous January 5, 2012 at 12:05 am

    Hallo Mario,

    danke Dir für Ideamensch. Freue mich immer über neue Interviews!

    Sag mal, ich kann dich nicht auf Facebook hinzufügen. Wie kann ich das machen?

    Grüße aus München!