One Year Forward, Eighty Back.

Time is a strange beast. Sometimes it seems to last forever while other times it goes by way too fast. Mostly, I try to not think about time too much. Live the moment while you have it. Carpe Diem, whenever possible. 

But there are two cases where I really feel that time is a useful tool to provide context.  

In one case, it helps in the moment. To keep things in perspective, right now. 

In the other, it helps with much bigger decisions. Decisions that impact how I choose to live my life. 

One year

Whenever I get mad, upset or frustrated with something (well not immediately, since I need to get mad, upset or frustrated first), I try to ask myself whether or not this will matter a year from now. Most times it absolutely won’t matter at all which helps me to stop thinking about it. 

Eighty years

Sometimes in life I need to make really big decisions. Decisions on where to move, what to work on, who to love, how to treat others and generally just who to be as a person. Then, I try to think of myself at 80 years old and looking back on my life. Would I regret if I didn’t make that decision? Would I want my grandkids to remember me that way? Would I be proud of that person? 

Oddly, the more I use these, the less I need them.