5 nights and going strong

Saying that I am getting old is probably not completely appropriate, especially since my dear mother (who continues to believe that she’s in her mid-thirties) reads this blog. Regardless, I have been going out for the past 5 nights straight. That’s something I really haven’t done since my days the University of Montana. Anyway, it’s been great to meet up with my all my friends from days past.

My buddy Charlie, who was my partner in crime in various University of Montana marketing classes.

Rick, who has been a great friend ever since meeting our freshman year.

My friends Jared and Rick, who I knew in MT, but only really started hanging out with when I moved to Seattle.

My buddies Jesse, Tico, Ryan and Katie. Jesse was actually one of the first people I met in the US and has been a stellar friend ever since. Tico, Ryan and Katie are ok as well.

My buddy Brian, who was the other intern when I first started at WD.

And not to forget, my work pals Jerry, Jeff, Cher, Charlie and Garth. As well as my friend Elisa, who sadly enough I wasn’t able to see this trip.