a man who lost them all

Do you remember that computer mess I was talking about last night? Well, it got ugly. Real ugly. My computer is running smoothly now. The reason for that is probably that there is nothing on it anymore. And my external hard drive has more space than ever these days. For the exact same reason. Somehow, I managed to delete any kind of digital medium in my possession. I lost a lot of emails, addresses and financial data. But worst of all, I lost all the pictures that my digital camera had ever taken. Over 3000 memories…gone. Never to be smiled, cried or even looked at again. As much as I try to keep a positive attitude about my stupid techonological unsavvyness, this one has it me hard. I know that it’s about the memories in one’s head, but I still liked to have pictures of it. Much easier to tell the stories. Also, it puts a face on all the great people in my life.

However, it’s making me realize one thing. Pictures are not that important. I’d rather lose every picture ever taken than to ever lose one person who I could take a picture off.