a more strategic approach

I just read through my last few blog entries and realized that it’s time to step it up a little bit. My editorial content has been rather poor. Nothing a more strategical approach in writing into my blog can’t fix. From now on, I am actually going to think about what I will write, instead of just allocating a time slot to write into my blog.

So here is my first planned thought of the day. Natilee took off to go on a vacation in the Carribean. I just met her a little while ago, but it does feel really empty without her. I am such a wuss. Amazing what your heart can do to you. I miss her and  will do so for the next week.

Yesterday, after work I went to a corporate launch party. The company is called RGB LABS and they just had their official launch yesterday. Their office is located next to ours and I am not sure if I actually was invited to this party. I was on my way to the bathroom and saw the open buffet. So off I went. Somehow I got stuck in the back of the room (right next to the buffet) and was not able to leave until the last person finished giving their little speel. Anyway, here is the website of their company. It was my first official launch party, even though I was not really invited. www.rgblabs.com

Next organized thought. Working in Advertising can be quite the hassle. We always have these media reps coming in. They try to schmooze up to us and bring a bunch of free food. Now, all the media folks actually know how to handle those reps and just ignore the food. Not me though, I go to town on it. I don’t think anyone has ever eaten as many baked goods as I did today. I probably had like 8 muffins. Amazing. Then I came home and barbecued with my buddy Jared. Add 4 beers and 2 burger. What a day. Being in tune with your fitness must be a wonderful feeling. Something I will never achieve.

By the way, I figured out that I can receive free wireless right from my apartment. Actually, I have to sit in front of the house, so going online in the rain is a big no no.

I talked to my mum today. It was good to talk to her. I miss my parents. They are awesome people. People who I will always look up to. No matter what I will be doing or where I will be.

I am thinking about coming back to MT on the weekend of July 12, 13. Is anyone going to be there? Someone better organize some kind of welcome back party that Saturday night. That would be awesome. Hint hint.

We had some old guy move in next door.I have never seen him sober. Now we got a bunch of drunk old farts wondering around the neighborhood. It’s pretty funny. They think of themselves ascollege students. Just wait until they graduate. Everything is going to be different.Trust me sons.

My buddies P, Nick, Gabe and Thomas are coming up to visit this weekend. Have a good trip and I will see you soon.

So long…