One thing about Seattle is that I sleep a lot less. I really don’t show up to work in Los Angeles until about 9:30. Here everybody has to be at work by 8:30. And in LA, I live about 10 minutes (on bike, mind you) away from the office. Here in Seattle, it’s about 20 minutes by car.

I wrote letters to my two little sisters and my buddy Alex yesterday. I really am a terrible older brother, hence the letters will make for a nice change. When it comes to Alex, I have to say that it’s absolutely and completely his fault. What a great best friend the guy is? You can’t reach him by phone or email. I even set up an email address for him and he managed to let it expire. I could be sitting here with my heart broken, or God knows what, and Alex wouldn’t have a clue. So now I am trying the letter thing again. We tried that a few years ago, but it obviously failed. If a guy doesn’t talk on the phone, how do you think he goes about writing letters.

Regardless, at least he will know that I am alive.


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