allergic catastrophy

allergic catastrophy and congrats to megan

Yesterday my sinuses (those above my nose) felt kind of swollen. Actually, I felt like my head was going to explode for most of the day. So I talked to our office manager Jan about how I thought that it was because I left my window open at night. Then I thought about the fact that I always leave my window open at night. Next I remembered that on my long Sunday run the air sure smelled like spring (first time I thought about something like that…I swear). Well apparently that smell was caused by all those pollen flying around the air and that headache was my first allergic reaction. That’s right…my body is starting to fall apart. I always believed to be immune to allergies and such, but that time has passed. Mario is getting to be an old man. Being 22 is very different than being 21 and my body is starting to feel that change. It’s all going downhill from here. Watch me fall…

Other than my unstable medical condition, there are also good news to tell. My old girlfriend/disciplinary Megan just found a job in Washington D.C. She is working as some kind of PR Coordinator for Max Baucus’ office. There is no person that deserves a good job more than Megan. Everybody who has ever met her can and will confirm that. I think about the girl all the time and I am very proud of her. She is going to go far in life. You watch….

By the way, have you subscribed to the mario blog yet. This will enable you to receive the daily post straight into your email box (no worries you are still allowed to come to the site as well). Also now would be a good time to tell you friends about the mario blog, since my Mario spent his entire weekend trying to get the damn tool to work.