apartment hunt

Finding a place to live in LA is turning out to be more complicated than I thought it would be. Who would have ever known? I am moving there next Friday and I still haven’t found a place to live. Not that I have tried very hard, considering that I started my search…yesterday. Anyway, I decided to live in Santa Monica. At least so I thought. What do you think? Is it reasonable to pay $900 for a room in a house. You guys wouldn’t believe how expensive that place is. Crazy. Anyway, tomorrow I am really going to step up the search. I guess looking for a place to live is better than looking for a job.

Last night, Natilee and I ate fish and chips at Skippers. I cannot believe that the girl continuously can get me to do stuff like that. Amazing that is. Tonight, I am over for dinner at one of our director’s house. I think her son kind of likes me, so I have the honor to be their dinner guest. Don’t get me wrong. I am excited about it. I think, free meals always excite me. Tomorrow I get to meet Natilee’s family. I wonder if there will be dinner as well.

Let me know if you know anyone, who is cool, lives in Santa Monica and is looking for a roommate.