art museum

Another week at work went by. This week I was able to beat every single pool player in the agency at least once. I see it as a sign of rapid improvement, whereas my boss might see it as an indicator of rapid termination. After work, Natilee and I went to see the Jacob Lawrence gallery at the Seattle Art Museum. That was after having dinner at some Thai restaurant on 1st Ave. Natilee is an awesome girl. Not only did she finish her entire plate, but she also did so faster than I could. Amazing. One side of Natilee�s family is Chinese. Consequently, I was trying to impress her by eating with chop sticks. That also might have played a role in my inability to finish my meal faster than her. Afterwards we went to the Seattle Art Museum. The main gallery was all about the lifeworks of some artist named Jacob Lawrence. It was actually pretty interesting to see how his style evolved throughout his life. We probably spent 45 minutes looking at art. The rest of the time was spent talking in some room filled with couches on the 4th floor. Natilee is a really interesting girl. Actually way more interesting than any art show could have ever been.