at work

at work

I brought my laptop into work today and found out that I can receive free wireless Internet over it. That is so cool. I guess it can be considered an added bonus of living in a big city. Consequently, I am also writing my daily blog entry at work today. Call it revolutionary if you may.

Greetings to my friend Meagan. Meagan used to be on my staff in Turner Hall and is now traveling through South America. She describes herself as an avid reader of the mario blog. Meagan, it’s good have you here. Keep up the good work. Everybody is talking about you.

 I sent off a letter to my two little sisters Linda and Laura today. I really wish that I would be a bit better when it comes to writing letters. I am not sure what they think about their older brother, as he writes a total of 2 letters each year and sees them  once every 3 years. If I move back to Europe, I would really like to become a bigger part of their lives. I really miss those two.

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