back in cap and gown

This week got one of those surprise emails. The Portland Art Institute asked me to be this year’s keynote speaker at their graduation ceremony.  I, of course, accepted as it’s an honor to even be considered for this sort of thing. Plus at my college graduation I never really took any good pictures of myself in cap and gown, so this is also a great photo opp.

With that being said, normally graduation speakers are a little bit older than myself and usually have achieved a heck of a lot more.  Dressed in cap and gown in front of hundreds of students and parents, I plan to deliver a humorous yet inspirational speech that sends a class of college graduates into a world of cubes and caffeine.  Actually, it doesn’t have to be humorous but there’s no way that I can talk for thirty minutes (or five for that matter) without cracking a joke.  I have about a month to prepare myself for my first big speech, and will start writing immediately. Any ideas…please share.